Welcome to my personal blog, it’s Mehmet Deveci!

First of all, thanks for your interest to get to know me better. 

I was born and grow in Konya/Turkey which is located in the middle of Anatolia. I’m always curious person on technology and innovations. After my parents realized my attention to that, they encouraged me to attend “Computer Operator” course which is organized by Ministry of Education. At the end of the course, as youngest participant (11 years old), I recieved a certificate of achievement. Beside this, I really enjoyed to play basketball, taekwondo ve karate-do in that period of time.

After my graduation from Konya Anatolian High School (one of the oldest high school in Turkey, established in 1889), I started to study on Industrial Engineering at Erciyes University. During my bachelor degree, I attended more than 30 events such technical visits to factories, conferences, and seminars for my personal improvement process. I did my internships at Bosch Rexroth and Torku Meat&Dairy Production Plants (local FMCG brand). In addition, I was choosen to ERASMUS Exchange Programme scholarship so I went to Debrecen/Hungary to study there for one semester. 

Now, I have been working for Turkish Airlines as ticketing system management specialist. Also, I’m pursuing my master degree on Marketing Management at Istanbul University. 

I’m highly interested in marketing, business development, and strategic management. If you want to discuss something whether it’s personal or professional, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

With my kind regards,






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